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Tough, Smart, Strong: New Lina Hidalgo Ad Details Historic Effort to Keep Families Safe

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Hidalgo highlights efforts to pass the largest Harris County law enforcement budget in county history and keep weapons away from dangerous people

Harris County, Texas (November 4, 2022) – Today, the Lina Hidalgo for Harris County Campaign released its new ad, “Safe,” which will air through Election Day, including at this Saturday’s World Series game. In the ad, Judge Hidalgo speaks directly to voters about the work she’s done to keep their families safe, acknowledges the work ahead, and makes clear her commitment to public safety. 

“The work is not done, but I want you to know there’s nothing more important to me than keeping your family safe,” Judge Hidalgo tells voters in the campaign’s closing ad.

While Republicans spread misinformation hoping to keep people scared, Judge Hidalgo fought for the largest law enforcement budget in county history, to hire more law enforcement officers at better pay, and worked to tackle the need to keep deadly weapons from dangerous people. From her first year in office, she has worked to raise the budgets of all law enforcement agencies, including every Constable, the Sheriff, and the DA. Contrary to Republican misinformation, it was her two Republican colleagues, with support from Hidalgo’s opponent Alex Mealer, that refused to fund the lowest tax rate since 1991, which included $100M increase for law enforcement, including $5M in cuts for the District Attorney, $16M in cuts for the Sheriff, and $8M in cuts for the Constables, leading to the loss of a cadet class, investigator, and other crucial positions.