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Far-Right Candidate Alex Mealer Sows Doubt in Election Results, Bases Compliancy on Who Administers 2022 Election 

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Mealer remains ambiguous on 2020 election results; signaling conspiratorial mistrust in 2022 results

HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS–(September 16, 2022)–Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo briefly responded to questions regarding the County Judge race during a COVID-19 news conference Thursday. Her remarks were particularly related to opponent Alex Mealer’s loyalty to former President Trump, and her promise to “purge the voter rolls.” Hidalgo questioned the integrity, motive, and leadership of a candidate who has yet to publicly admit the two-year-old defeat of Trump, and is already showing signs of contention for the results of her own pending race.

“I . . . will without question certify the election results,” Mealer said in a statement to KHOU. “As long as our County Clerk and County Tax Assessor testify to the integrity of the process and are the ones administering the election.”

Mealer’s loaded response unveils an ultimatum for Harris County voters, she’ll accept the results without question, as long as it’s administered by two officials who have no bearings over elections in the County. To put it plainly, she won’t accept the 2022 election results from our current, non-partisan administration of elections in Harris County, foreshadowing a redux of GOP voter suppression tactics seen in 2020.

Mealer’s skepticism around election security and administration mirrors the ulterior motives of MAGA Republican agendas playing out all around the country. Sowing fear and distrust in voters around the County’s democratic process poses grave alarm, opening the door for further dissemination of far-Right, extremist, conspiracy theories that have no place in office, nor Commissioners Court.

“My biggest concern is on the certification of the votes,” Hidalgo said. “I want people to participate whether they vote for me or not. [Y]ou may agree, you may disagree, but the democracy depends on participation.”

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