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Lina Hidalgo Leads Far-Right Opponent by 10 Points In University of Houston Hobby School of Public Affairs Latest Poll 

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Hidalgo campaign gains notable momentum since July poll

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas—Sep 8, 2022–The latest poll from University of Houston Hobby School of Public Affairs shows Judge Lina Hidalgo with a 10-point lead over her extreme, far-right opponent. Hidalgo’s current lead is significantly higher than the 1-point lead the Hobby School reported in July.

The Hidalgo campaign released the following statement:

“Momentum is on the side of Lina Hidalgo and her coalition of families and workers, not only because she’s the one candidate who clearly understands the roles and responsibilities required of the County Judge, which includes helping to oversee the public health system, disaster management, and public safety, but also because she represents their shared values, not the values of extreme far-right in the Republican Party who are seeking to roll back the progress made over the past four years,” said Toni Harrison, Hidalgo campaign spokesperson. 

“Voters want a candidate who is both tough and smart on crime, delivers when it comes to flood control, and invests in the next generation of Harris County residents. Lina Hidalgo is the only candidate with a proven track record to continue moving Harris County forward. The poll demonstrates more Harris County voters are rejecting a return to the days when a GOP-controlled Harris County Government just rubber-stamped the agenda of Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and other far-right politicians who lack the knowledge of what the job requires, and who are out of touch with the needs of our community,” Harrison said.