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GOP Candidate for Harris County Judge Alex Mealer Scrubs Promise to Support Draconian Voter Suppression Tactic from Campaign Website

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Records from Internet Web Archive Reveal “Cleansing Voter Rolls” Intentionally Removed from List of “Alex’s Priorities” Following GOP Primary In Attempt To Hide Extreme Position from General Election Voters

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas—(Sep 9, 2022)– Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo responds to opponent Alexandra Mealer’s promise to purge voter rolls in Harris County from her campaign website, which has now been deleted from her website.

An archived screenshot of Mealer’s Campaign website from April 2 of this year, reveals that in an attempt to appeal to the most extreme elements of GOP voters during her GOP primary campaign, Mealer promised; “I will do everything I can to safeguard our ballots and ensure free and fair elections for Harris County voters. This starts by cleaning the voter rolls….” 

Republican calls to purge voter rolls have increased following Donald Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud and attempts to overturn the election in 2020. 

“Flirting with The Big Lie should be a disqualifying factor for anyone running for public office in Harris County,” said Judge Hidalgo. “The mass purging of people from voter rolls using the guise of ‘election integrity’ should be called out for what it is: voter suppression and insurrectionist behavior. We have fought too hard and for too long to protect voting rights in Texas from a full-on assault by Donald Trump, Greg Abbott, and the most extreme factions of the Republican Party. Unfortunately, it’s become painfully obvious that my opponent is willing to pander to the most extreme factions of the Republican party to win an election while hoping general election voters won’t notice. Unlike my opponent, I will never take orders from the Texas GOP when it comes to how we run our elections, and I will keep fighting to make voting as convenient as it already is secure. Voters deserve to know: Where does Mealer stand on purging Harris County voter rolls? What will she do when far-right state leaders ask her to purge voter rolls?”

BEFORE (Link to Web Archive, April 2, 2022): 

NOW (Link to current website)

Despite unyielding attempts by the Texas GOP to suppress voting rights in Harris County, Judge Hidalgo has stood firm, denouncing the un-American attempts to suppress votes. Shortly after taking office, Judge Hidalgo saw the implementation of nationally-recognized actions to increase voter participation by making voting more convenient, secure, and accessible to all residents. This entailed a $17 million investment in innovative policies like extended voting hours and drive-through voting, which dramatically cut long wait times. 

Additional information on Judge Hidalgo’s record on voting rights may be found here.

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