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Extremist GOP Donors Continue to Pour Money into Harris County Judge Race

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Hidalgo raises $911k from individual contributions; Far-Right donors scramble to regain control over Harris County, pouring $3.7 million into Mealer campaign in 30 days

HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS (Nov 1, 2022) – The race for Harris County Judge has received unprecedented attention across the state and nation, with key headlines pointing to the vast disparities between each candidate’s political ideologies and fundraising efforts. In one month’s time, Hidalgo raised $911k from 2,410 individual donors. Desperate to regain control over Harris County from Judge Lina Hidalgo’s innovative, effective, and transparent leadership, Texas’ most extreme, far-right stakeholders have pulled every trick in the book to interfere with her re-election, contributing $3.7 million to extreme opponent Alex Mealer from Sept. 30 through Oct. 29. 

Over the past four years, Hidalgo has propelled Harris County forward with bold, proactive leadership, and positive strides in areas including emergency preparedness, flood control, smart and effective crime prevention initiatives that have already led to a 12% decrease in violent crime since this time last year, economic development, homelessness, and early childhood education. Hidalgo’s time in office has steered Harris County in the right direction, while not engaging with special interests used to calling the shots, effectively galvanizing the ire and dollars of Texas’ most-extreme GOP members.

“It’s hard to imagine that wealthy donors who want Harris County to return to good ol’ boy politics for their corporate interests can relate to Harris County residents who want to keep moving forward,” said Toni Harrison .  “The Texas GOP feels the heat of Judge Hidalgo’s ability to make positive changes in our county, and with more than 3,000 of individual donations, it’s clear that Hidalgo is backed by the power of the people and it terrifies them.” 

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