Lina is Moving Harris County Forward.

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About Lina

Lina Hidalgo is a proud Texan and immigrant and the first woman and Latina elected executive of our nation’s third-largest County. Lina is dedicated to making Harris County a safer, stronger place for every resident.

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Lina Hidalgo Is Keeping Harris County Safe

In 2018, Lina Hidalgo became the first Democrat elected Harris County Judge in a generation. She’s overhauling our County to put the community first, not special interests or what is politically expedient. We need to protect the progress Lina’s made – from finally putting “worst first” on flooding, to investing in early childhood education, to allocating record resources to fight the crime wave.

  1. Fighting Crime
  2. Focusing on Our Kids
  3. Economy and Jobs
  4. Values and Ethics
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