Energy and the Environment

No Harris County resident should have to worry about the quality of air they breathe or water they drink. That’s why Judge Hidalgo has made the largest investments in environmental protection in the County’s history. She has empowered multiple county agencies to proactively monitor environment conditions, enabling rapid response. Some of Judge Hidalgo’s work on energy and the environment include:

  • Investing in Environmental Protection, Monitoring, and Enforcement. The County allocated over $11 million to develop a state-of-the-art air monitoring network, increase the size of the pollution control department by over 50%, and add resources for HazMat First Responders. These actions represent the most significant enhancement in environmental protections Harris County – the third largest County in the United States and the epicenter of North America’s petrochemical industry – has enacted in 30 years. 
  • Implementing an Office of Sustainability (OS). The OS makes community-driven changes to air, water, and soil quality, committing to using clean energy, improving flood resilience with natural infrastructure practices, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and providing every resident access to quality green space.
  • Greening the County’s Fleet. Over the past several years, Harris County has worked with Evolve Houston to purchase electric vehicles in support of green sources of power, and the eventual goal of transitioning Harris County’s fleet to electric vehicles.

To read more about Judge Hidalgo’s has done on energy and the environment, click here.

Lina's Priorities

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